Brick Fire Tavern was born out of Owners Inthira Marks and Matthew Resich’s passion for pizza, and their long lasting dream to open and operate a cozy eatery where people can come and enjoy the fruits of that passion. Their dream was realized when they left their Honolulu, Hawaii home and flew half way around the world to Naples, Italy to learn the art of Neapolitan Pizza making.

meet our oven

Our story

At the heart of Brick Fire Tavern’s menu is a wood-fired brick oven built by famed third-generation oven builder Stefano Ferrara, commissioned in Naples, Italy just for our restaurant. From our fresh pizza pies to our seasonal menu items, everything served from the kitchen will have at least one element either cooked or finished in the brick oven. Crackling embers of kiawe wood heat up the oven to 900 degrees F, so it only takes 90 seconds for our Neapolitan pizzas to become perfectly cooked with rustic crusts, melted toppings and smoky flavors fired into every bite.

​They were fortunate enough to study one on one with famed Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia — one of the founding members of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, an international nonprofit organization seeking to cultivate the culinary art of preparing Neapolitan pizza — as well as his master dough maker, Davide Bruno. While in Italy, Matt and Inthira also stage'd (interned) at Pizzaria La Notizia 94, one of Enzo Coccia's restaurants showcasing modern flavors and creations using traditional cooking techniques.

In addition to their training, the Brick Fire Tavern duo spent time exploring the wineries of the Campania region, as well as sampling different cheeses, tomatoes, and other culinary delights from the same area. They not only learned the craft of making and baking Neapolitan pizza dough from scratch, but also gained a deep appreciation for all of the ingredients that together make what is arguably the best pizza in the world.

They flew back to Honolulu with a new sense of what it means to RESPECT THE CRAFT by using the highest-quality fresh, local and seasonal products available, which in turn allow all the flavors to shine. This is the backbone of the menu at Brick Fire Tavern, and Matt and Inthira hope that every guest will walk away satisfied that they have tasted just how delicious craft Neapolitan pizza can be.