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the oven

meet our MVP

At the heart of every bite of Brick Fire Tavern pizza is our MVP - our oven. Designed and built by famed third-generation oven-builder Stefano Ferrara, the oven was commissioned in Naples, Italy, and handmade specifically for our restaurant. The smoldering embers of local kiawe wood heat the oven to 900 degrees F, which means our Napoletana pizzas are perfectly cooked in only 90 seconds – complete with rustic crusts, melted toppings, and smoky flavors fired into every bite.

meet stefano ferrara

Stefano Ferrara is the mastermind and craftsman behind Brick Fire Tavern's most valuable player, the oven.


He learned the art of oven-building from his father and grandfather, and helped build his first oven at age 13. 


Each oven is handmade, using traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic, Napoletana firing experience for each and every pizza at Brick Fire Tavern. 

the pizza oven whisperer

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