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It's not just pizza.  For these two, Pizza Napoletana is an art form. One bite, and you'll understand.

matthew resich

Over two decade of experience in the hospitality industry taught Matthew that food borne of passion just tastes better. So he took his passion, and his business partner, and flew to Naples, Italy, in 2015 to become an official pizzaiolo (pizza guy). He honed his napoletana-making skills studying under renowned master pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia, one of the founding members of Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. Matthew was inspired by the process of pizza – everything from flour selection to temperature settings can change the flavor. His passion for pizza inspired him to open Brick Fire Tavern with partner Inthira Marks in 2016. 

inthira marks

After working her way up the food chain at California Pizza Kitchen in Kahala – the country’s busiest CPK – Inthira was ready for a new challenge. She traveled to Naples, Italy, in 2015 with partner Matthew Resich, and leveraged culinary program training at Kapiolani Community College  and over a decade in the restaurant industry while practicing the art of dough baking and pizza making. After her time with pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia, she and co-owner Matthew returned to Oahu to open the islands’s first VPN certified restaurant. 

Rest in Love & Peace

07/23/1984 - 06/18/2018

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