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Our restaurant has been Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) certified – the only VPN on Oahu. It means we craft True Neopolitan Pizza (Vera Pizza Napoletana).


It means our ingredients, our method of preparation, and our final product pass the authenticity test. VPN certification requires a strict adherence to ingredients and processes – it considers everything from the refinement of the flour, the clarity of the water, and the grade of salt used in our dough. It considers the techniques used to prepare the pizza, the temperature of our wood-burning oven, and the length of time spent cooking.

The result is a pizza that’s easy to manipulate, soft in the center, with fresh-baked flavor in the crust, slight acidity of the tomatoes upon the first bite, melty, fragrant mozzarella, and the tiniest char on fresh veggies.


Our VPN certification means every batch of dough, every swirl of tomato sauce, every slice of perfectly cooked pizza from our paddle to your plate is authentic Napoletana. No excuses. No apologies. 

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